CR500 Rewards

No purchase required to join our Rewards program.
The easiest, simplest way to earn rewards. Choose the following activities and when you complete them, you will earn points for CR500 Rewards.
Ready to get started? Scroll to "Reward Activities" on the bottom of the page and join our Facebook Group to earn 5 points right away!

Reward Activities

Join Our Facebook Group - Click HERE
Share Our Upcoming Class on Facebook/Twitter/Instagram - Click Here
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Invite Your Friends to Attend Our Upcoming Class - Click Here

Rewards Tracking Form

When you have completed your rewards activities, go to the Rewards Tracking Form to record them so we can verify and award you the points - Click HERE

Redeem Rewards

When you are ready to redeem your rewards, Message Us (click on the "Message Us" button on the bottom right corner of our website, and we will send you the rewards right away!)