CR500 Works Weight Loss FAQs

What are the CR500 Works weight loss drops? 
CR500 Works weight loss formula is a unique proprietary blend that uses vibrational technology to interact with the body to burn fat and weight. Our base consists of energy water and all-natural vegetable glycerin that is charged using positive currents to imprint specific signatures taken from ingredients that help facilitate rapid weight loss. We use vibrational frequencies from Astragalus Root, Rhodiola Extract, Hoodia Gordonii, Black Walnut Hull, Senna Leaf, and many more. 

The best part of vibrational signatures is you get all the health-related benefits without consuming the ingredients and thus, avoiding all the negative side effects one may receive when consuming the actual herbs. 

Our CR500 Works weight loss drops help you lose weight as follows: burn fat (by putting your body into ketosis), appetite suppression, mood enhancement, and energy boost. CR500 Works weight loss drops make your stored fat mobile and available to burn through natural metabolism. Thus, your body requires fewer calories than normal consumption allowing you to lose weight and feel great.

Is it safe?                                                                                                              Our CR500 Works supplement drops are made with Safe, Organic, and Natural ingredients to help create change in the metabolism of your body to allow faster and more efficient fat burning of the abnormal fat storage locations like your thighs, stomach, and buttocks!

How does CR500 Works diet compare to other weight loss programs?
CR500 Works is a simple and easy diet to follow. It is designed for both women and men. It is the most effective and affordable weight loss program ever! As opposed to most diet programs seen on TV, CR500 Works is not a weight loss meal replacement; instead, CR500 Works helps you to lose weight naturally by burning excess body fat rapidly with little to no hunger. You will save hundreds of dollars by eating real food on our program while losing up to 1+ pounds per day. Our results speak for themselves. 

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1. When is the best time to start?
  • Anytime after you have read the Quick Start Guide or the Booklet and understand how the program works. However, we find it easier to start on weekends.
  • Females: The best time to start is right after your menstrual cycle or at least 2 weeks before your next cycle.
2. How do I take the drops?
  • Start taking all drops in Phase 1. Take All Drops sublingually (under the tongue) at least 20 minutes BEFORE or AFTER food or liquid and hold for  30 - 60 seconds before taking any other CR500 Works products.
    • Fat Burn Drops: Take 10 drops, 3 times per day (morning, noon, dinner).
    • Adrenal Drops: Take ½  dropper (1 squeeze) in the morning.
    • B12 Energy Drops: Shake well before use. Take ½  dropper (1 squeeze) in the morning or as needed for energy. Avoid taking it in the afternoon as it may cause you to not sleep.
  • 20% of customers will need to take 5 drops 6 times a day each time to overcome the body knowing they are not eating as much as the pre-load days. If you aren’t losing weight of the first week on the program, begin doing 5 drops, 6 times per day.
3. How often do we take body measurements?
  • Daily is best, but a minimum of 1 time per week. The body will either burn fat or lose inches, rarely both at the same time. 
  • Measuring daily will help you know when you are losing pounds and when you are losing inches.
4. Do you have to wait to eat or drink 20 minutes before or after taking drops? 
  • Yes, for maximum absorption
  • The drops assist the messaging in the body to keep the fat doors open and in ketosis.
5. What symptoms might I experience during loading?
  • Everyone reacts differently when loading. Hopefully, it’s not normal to consume such high quantities of both fat and calories.
  • Some experience headaches, nausea, and lethargy.
  • They are partly the lack of circulation due to a half-healthy lifestyle before doing our program or from all the fatty foods and calories you are eating and shouldn’t be something to worry about. 
6. What do B12 drops do? 
  • They assist with energy, cellular permeability, amplified absorption, and brain function.  
7. What do Arenal drops do?
  • Assist with boosting adrenals, getting them out of adrenal fatigue
  • Amplify hormone production, assisting with restricted hormone function due to obese restrictions
8. Do I need to track my total fat and calorie intake for each meal during the loading phase? 
  • Yes, it is important to at least reach the minimum (200+ grams of fat and 4000+ calories) each day to have the most success in reaching your goal weight. 
  • Remember, the better you load the…
    • more weight you will lose as the body will mark the high caloric preload calories as the amount you supposedly eat daily and will consume white fat (bad fat) to offset the calorie difference. This is exactly what you want.
    • the less hungry you will be when you move to phase 2 of the program. 
  • You can download the FREE "My Fitness Pal" app to help you keep track of fat and calories. 
9. Should I be concerned about a 5+ pounds gain during loading?
  • No! If loading is done correctly, the average weight gain is 3+ pounds. In rare circumstances, individuals will actually lose weight. 
    • This generally happens when people have been constantly dieting or have limited fat calories. Their body is happy to finally get some fat in them. 
  • The most important thing to consider is to ensure you consume at least 200+ grams of fat and 4000+ calories each day for 2 days. Almost everyone loses their loading weight within 1-2 days into phase 2, so no need to worry about any gains.
10. How should Drops be stored?
  • All products have a product label on the bottle detailing how to take and store them.
  • Fat Burn and B12 drops are not temperature sensitive. However, it’s always best practice to store them in a cool, dark environment like a cupboard or countertop away from sunlight. 
  • Adrenal drops should always be stored in a cool and dark environment.
11. Do I need to drink 128oz (1 gallon) fluid during loading?
  • No, however, you should consume at least 75 oz .of fluid each day during phase 1. We want to ensure you are filling your tummy with fat and calories during loading.


1. I’m on Day 1 of phase 2 and I have one or more of the following symptoms-  headache, nausea, or lack of/no energy?
  • It’s ok, your body is detoxing from all the abnormal high fats, calories, and sugars you just consumed loading. 
  • These symptoms should go away within 1-2 days. 
  • You can take a Tylenol or equivalent if needed to help with symptoms. 
  • Be sure to drink 100 oz. - 128 oz. fluid spread through the day. 
2. How much fluid should we drink each day?
  • Between 100 oz. - 128 oz. At least 80%+ being a purified water
  • Consuming more than 128 oz. can cause you to retain water. So too much and too little are going to affect your weight loss. We found 128 oz. yields the best results.
  • It’s best to drink at least every couple of hours to keep your metabolism going and try to avoid drinking after 8 p.m.  as you may need to get up more in the night to drain yourself. 
  • Remember, most of your body is made up of water. It’s how we all function daily. It’s also how most of the bad fat is going to be broken down, move through your body, and excreted via urination. So every time you pee, you can be happy knowing fat is leaving your body and that you are a fat-burning machine!
  • Two (8 oz.) glasses of energy water in addition to 80 oz. of clean water aid in enhanced hydration and toxicity flush. 
  • Ketosis breaks down and eats fat pockets and redistributes the putrid toxic junk in the fat pockets into circulation. Drinking water assists with flushing out the toxic putrid stuff in the white fat pockets.
3. Are carbonated beverages ok to consume?
  • We advise, Do Not. Carbonation restricts fat breakdown and keeps the body acidic. For best results, avoid carbonated beverages. Again, remind yourself it’s only for 30 days. You can do anything for 30 days!
4. I'm planning on eating my fruit as a snack. How does that look?
  • For best results, fruits should be eaten at least 6 hrs apart. 
  • So your day would look as follows: 10 am - fruit; Noon - protein, veggie, NO fruit; 4 pm different fruit; Dinner - different protein, different vegetable, NO Fruit (unless you didn’t have it as a snack at 4 pm.) 
5. What is the minimum amount of calories I should be consuming in a day in Phase 2?
  • We suggest starting around 600 calories (approximately 300 calories/meal) for the first week and increasing up to 1200 calories as needed and directed by a CR500 Works coach. 
  • For best results, the fewer calories you can handle without feeling hungry the more fat you will burn. 
  • When you are in ketosis, you shouldn’t be feeling hungry as your body is burning fat and using it for energy. Thus, we want you to begin with at  least 600 calories each day (300 calories per meal). 
    • Note: You can easily track calories using the free app, “My Fitness Pal” 
  • You can consume up to 1200 calories per day if needed. Consult with a CR500 Works  coach before increasing calories.
    • 2 fruits
    • 2 vegetables (3.5 oz. - 7 oz.)
    • 2 meats (3.5 oz. - 7oz)
6. Can I have Fruits, Vegetables, and Protein that AREN’T on the list of approved foods?
  • NO, years have been spent to come up with our approved food list, researching and studying what foods keep your body in the best balance possible to maximize weight loss. If it’s not on the approved list, DO NOT EAT IT, or suffer the consequences...decreased to no weight loss. And we know you don’t want that!
7. I DID NOT lose anything this morning. Did I do something wrong?
  • No, there is no guarantee you are going to lose weight every day. We look at your weight from beginning to end. Most days you lose, others you may not lose anything and sometimes you may even gain weight. However, overall the trend should almost always be losing each day.
  • There are so many contributing factors to decreased weight loss. Here are some of the main reasons people aren’t losing weight. Ask yourself, am I….
    • drinking 128 oz. fluid each day?
    • rotating foods each meal?
    • consuming ONLY approved Fat Burn foods. In essence, did I cheat and have something, not on the approved list? Even a skittle can throw off your weight loss. 
    • having regular bowel movements?
      • Note: if you usually have 1 a day expect to have 1 every 2 - 3 days. You are consuming fewer calories and what you are consuming your body is using. 
    • getting enough sleep? You should be getting 7-8hrs each night
    • Stressed? Are there any new stressors in your life right now: work, marital, doing hardcore exercise, etc...
    • using an old scale? Needs to be digital and got to the tenth pound. 
    • working out heavily when I’m burning way more calories than I’m consuming?
  • Note: Your body is either burning fat or losing inches, not both at the same time. So on days you aren’t burning fat you are most likely losing inches, which is AWESOME!
8. Do I have to rotate foods?
  • Yes, if you want to maximize weight loss, it’s best to rotate between at least 3+ different proteins, 3+ fruits, and  4+ veggies. NEVER have the same things back to back. Example:
    • Day1
    1. Lunch: chicken, cucumber, and apple
    2. Dinner: beef, lettuce, strawberries
  1. Day 2
    1. Lunch: can be anything besides what you had for dinner the previous day. Fish, spinach, bell pepper.
    2. Dinner: something different than lunch
    10. I’m having bowel movement problems, any suggestions?
    • First off, don’t be alarmed. If you typically have 1 bowel movement each day you most likely will have one every 2 - 3 days while on phases 2 & 3 of the program. 
    • You can try the following:
      • Cascara Sagrada: can be taken daily throughout the program. Can be purchased on Amazon and some whole-food stores.
      • Smooth Move Tea: only as needed, not daily. Can be purchased online or at most local grocery stores in the tea isle
      • Psyllium Fiber: taken daily. Can be purchased on Amazon or Costco
      11. Can I mix my foods (different proteins, fruits, and vegetables for the same meal?
      • If you want to maximize weight loss, it’s best that you DO NOT. We want to do all we can to keep your body in balance so it can burn the most fat possible in phases 2 & 3. Come phase 4, you can mix all you want. 
      • If you find you must mix, stick to allotted ounces per meal and only do approved foods from the list.
        • Note: some recipes in the booklet let you mix and these are approved. Mostly just onions and tomatoes. 
      12. I forgot my lunch today, what restaurants can I eat at? 
      • It’s ok! We understand that most will have at least one day like this while on the program. Here are some alternative meals you can have while out and about Note: these are emergency meals and are not to be incorporated daily. Cooking all foods yourself is the only way to ensure you know all ingredients are approved. 
        • Fast Food Restaurants: 
          • In-n-out is a great option as meat and veggies are fresh. Either do 2 single protein style burgers or a double; Onions are fine (not grilled), tomato, and mustard (if desired) wrapped in lettuce. 
          • Chick-fil-A market salad with light balsamic dressing. The market salad is awesome because it has apples and grilled chicken, don't add on the granola and nuts they give you, and only use half the dressing. You can also do their grilled chicken sandwich, and replace the bun with lettuce. You can ask for tomatoes and onions as well. No special sauce. 
      • Note: these are emergency meals and are not to be incorporated daily. Cooking all foods yourself is the only way to ensure you know all ingredients are approved.
      13. Can I work out while in Phase 2?
      • Yes. however, we suggest taking it easy for the month you are in phase 2 and limiting it to 50% LESS intensity than you used to. 
      • We suggest cardio (walk/run) 20-30min/day. 
      • Remember, it’s only for a month and you are going to burn more fat by letting the program do the work and burn the fat for you than by working out. It doesn’t work like that. Trust the program.
      Note: if you are only looking to lose 5-10 lbs on the program, adding an approved breakfast each day (egg whites/protein shake) and working out will allow you to lose slower or maintain the weight you want to be at. The minimum time on phase 2 is about 16 days before going into phase 3.


      14. What do I do if I go hiking, skiing, biking, hunting, etc.?
      • There are always some activities that pop up at the last minute that may burn more calories than normal.  Here’s what you can do, have a breakfast of approximately 200 calories...a protein shake (whey isolate/egg whites; no sugars) or scrambled egg whites in the am, in addition to your lunch and dinner meals.
      15. Am I allowed to have a melba toast and fruit in between meals? 
      • Yes. Ensure you have fruits at least 6hrs apart. Don’t have melba and fruit together. Wait at least 2 hrs between those. Ensure to drink or consume fluids at least every 2 hrs as well to keep metabolism up.
      16. During phase 2, is it ok to add 0 calorie flavoring to our water? 
      • Yes, depending on what it is. 
      • For best results, use fresh lemon, herbal teas, or Liquid Stevia with filtered water.
      • Now is a good time to start learning how to read nutritional labels. Pay attention to the INGREDIENTS listed. You want to avoid things with salt, sucralose, sugars, dyes (Blue 1, Yellow 5,6, etc...), and ingredients not approved, all of which can offset the balance of the program and minimize weight loss. 
      17. Can we have cooked vegetables or is raw best?
      • Raw is best.
      • If you feel you get gassy or your stomach is getting upset, lightly steam.
      18. How much of a deal breaker is aluminum in deodorant?
      • It has the potential to offset the balance of the program and cause you to not lose weight. 
      19. Can I have salt?
      • No. Salt makes you retain water and we want to be peeing as much of it out as we can as that’s how our fat is getting excreted through the body.
      • There are a lot of alternatives to use to help season your food: salt substitute, smoked paprika, cayenne, lemon pepper, lemon juice, balsamic vinegar, and garlic powder. 
      20. Why shouldn’t I eat after 8 p.m.?
      • You want your body to be breaking down fat throughout the night and up to lunch and not metabolizing the food you ate late at night.
      • Best to carry this practice on even after you finish the program.
      21. Is carbonated Soda stream water ok (with no additives)?
      • If you must have some type of soda-like drink it’s best to have sparkling water with your favorite choice of stevia. Root beer, cola, etc…
      • Carbonation can cause your body to become more acidic making it hard for the fat gates to be open and willing to lose fat. 
      22. Do I measure my meat and veggies raw?
      • Yes, using a digital weight scale that can measure ounces and grams.
      23. I’m not hungry and I still haven’t eaten my fruit or all my meal. Do I have to eat it all?
      • Yes, make sure to have at least 600 calories per day or 300 calories per meal. 
      • It’s always best to start the program lower (3.5 oz. protein; 3.5 - 7 oz. veggies; 1 fruit each meal) and only increase as needed or directed by your CR500 Works  coach. 
      24. Can you use avocado oil to cook protein?
      • Try and stay away from all oils during the fat burn phase. I made sure we had some good nonstick pans and put a little water in the pan.
      • However, if a light spray is needed you can.
      • Oils can offset the balance of the program and cause you to not lose weight or as much weight.
      25. Is smoking meat and veggies an acceptable method for cooking?
      • Heck Yeah!
      26. What are the best beef or steaks for this?
      • Organic, grass-fed/free range, no hormone is always best.
      • 93% plus lean meat/cuts are what you want. 
        • filet mignon, eye of round, and your marinating type steaks that have no fat marbling or skin/tendons
      27. Is the herbal tea or lemon water type of drink important in the morning, or can I just start my day off with normal water?
      • No, however, the potential benefits outweigh not incorporating it. I do half a lemon almost daily now. drink room temp, warm or hot. Haven’t been sick for years. 
        • aids in digestion, promotes weight loss, has minerals, hydrates, curbs appetite, boosts immune function and energy, liver detox, decreases binge and sugar cravings, stimulates healthy bowels, fights infection, has potassium, decreases blood pressure, anxiety, hydration and helps prevent kidney stones.
      • Squeeze juice of ½ lemon in 8+ oz. cold, warm, or hot water, stir and enjoy.
      28. Is lime juice in water ok if you don’t like lemons?
      • Yes
      29. How do I know what spices/seasonings, flavored waters, etc...I can use?
      • Now is the perfect time to start paying attention to and learning how to read nutritional labels/supplemental facts and the secret sauce, is to look at the actual INGREDIENTS listed. 
      • Many companies try to sell you on look at all the good vitamins and energy in this product, but then you look at the ingredients and it’s full of crap
      • AVOID items with starch, salt, sugars, sucralose, caffeine, aspartame, artificial flavors, dyes (blue, yellow, red), and added fillers 
      • In most cases, the fewer the ingredients the better it is. 
      • Consider using onion, jalapeno, cilantro, smoked paprika, pepperoncini, add flavor to your meals.
      30. Is sugar-free gum allowed?
      • Gum sweetened with xylitol or stevia is ok and doesn't contain aspartame.
      31. What type of sweeteners are ok?
      • Stevia, Xylitol, and Monk fruit sweetener are okay to use in moderation. 
      32. Is hot sauce worthy of our consumption?
      • As long as there are no sugars, salts, and added fillers.
      33. Can we use rice wine vinegar?
      • Yes, if it’s low sodium and NO sugars or additives.
      • You can substitute it with apple cider vinegar or lemon juice. 
      34. In Canada we don’t have Bragg’s liquid aminos? 
      • Use Bragg’s soy sauce. 
      • Just be sure to use it sparingly as it contains sodium. 
      35. Can we use Walden farms anything or just the dressing and ones specified?
      • Anything in moderation. 
      • They all don’t have the best ingredients in them and it’s only to add a little flavor and variety to the monotony of foods.

      PHASE 3:

      1. I dropped another two pounds during Phase Three. Should I increase my calories to stop losing weight or keep with the amount I had during the fat burn stage?
      • Congratulations, that’s ok. Your body is just slower getting out of ketosis.
      • When you start phase 4 and increase calories your weight loss will stop.

      PHASE 4:

      1. Can I have Oatmeal now?
      • Yes, a small portion is fine. Just not daily. It's best to wait until phase 5.
      • Pay close attention to weight the next day.
      2. During the maintenance phase do you still recommend we avoid salt completely?
      • No, you can reintroduce salt sparingly. 
      • ¼ tsp. Max per day
      • Hopefully, those taste buds have changed a little and you realize how amazing most foods taste on their own. You should need very little salt and seasonings moving forward in the future.
      3. Are we allowed to start hitting the gym hard in phase 4?
      • Yes. However, we just need a good full 3 weeks of keeping your weight     +\- 2 lbs so your metabolism and body can reset itself to your new weight.
      4. How many calories should I be consuming each day in phase 4?
      • The average male will be between 1900 - 2300 calories/day based on activity level. 
      5. Can we eat nuts in phase 4?
      • Yes, no more than 1 TBSP/day. 
      • Watch weight when you eat them as they are one of the weight contributors we have found over the years. 
      6. I'm doing good maintaining my weight, but I would like to lose 5 more pounds. Can I go back to phase 2 and lose more? 
      • No, unfortunately, you will need to complete your 3 weeks of maintenance and then you will need to start all over again starting at phase 1. 
      • We know loading sucks and it’s going to be a little harder next time around. But now you know what to expect. You got this!
      7. During the maintenance phase should we be watching how much protein, carbs, and fats we consume daily? 
      • In this phase, you don’t want to be consuming exorbitant amounts of fat or carbs.
      • If you want to keep track, stay in the suggested range of 45–65% of your daily calories from carbs, 20–35% from fats, and 10–35% from protein. It will vary based on the individual and what goals you are trying to accomplish. 
      • Right now, your main focus is to just maintain your weight +\- 2lbs.

      PHASE 5:

      1. Do I have to keep weighing myself every day?
      • Yes, as ALL foods are back on the table it is best to weigh yourself every day for at least the first 2 weeks. You want to know what foods may be making you gain weight in this phase as well. 
      • After that, every couple of times a week is fine. However, it’s a good habit to get into, to do daily weigh-ins to see where you are at.  
      • If you go over 2 lbs. you will do a steak and apple day, as outlined in phase 4 to get you back on track. 

      Money Back Guaranteed
      We have so many success stories that we are confident to say this: IF YOU FOLLOW OUR PROGRAM EXACTLY AS OUTLINED IN THE CR500 WORKS WEIGHT LOSS BOOK, YOU WILL LOSE WEIGHT! We guarantee that you will lose a minimum of 14 pounds in a 30 days session. If not, we will gladly buy it back from you!

      We’ve tried it ourselves, our families and friends have tried it, and IT WORKS! We are so confident that IF YOU DON’T LOSE WEIGHT WITH OUR PROGRAM, WE’LL REFUND YOUR PURCHASE! Thousands have benefited from our CR500 Works weight loss program, and you can too!

      This guarantee only applies to those who follow the program as outlined. If you have questions or are not sure about purchasing our products, please contact us at any time with any questions you may have before placing your order. Our CR500 Works Weight Loss Coaches are here to answer any questions or concerns you may have regarding this program.

      We can’t wait to hear your success stories with CR500 Works.


      We ship our products across all 50 US States with USPS. Shipping time varies depending on your location. You should expect the product to arrive no later than 7 business days from the day of shipping. We generally process most of our orders within 3 business days. All products are shipped directly from our US warehouse. You will receive a shipping confirmation email from us notifying you of the shipment.